About Me

If you’re curious about who I am, read on!

My full name is Yao-Hui Chua (or in mandarin: 蔡耀辉). Plenty of folks just call me Yao, which is nice too.

I’m from Singapore and I moved to Seattle in 2020. I’m currently building features for Amazon’s healthcare tech team, Amazon Care.

Previously, I worked at Carousell, where I redesigned our interview process, rewrote our chat frontends, and took ownership of our selling experience on the web.

I love painting pixels with code, so I’m mostly getting my hands dirty with front-end tools such as React, Vue, and Webpack. I’ve worked with other ecosystems in the past (such as Python, Django, and Golang) and I’ve used the full stack to ship end-to-end features to production.

As an undergraduate at Yale-NUS, I majored in computer science and minored in economics. With the support of my college, I was able to broaden my education with classes at NUS and a year-long study abroad experience at Harvard.

When I’m not busy with work, I spend my time:

Feel free to reach out!